Violent Dave's IPY Autobiography

In Por Ylem has been offline for over half a decade and even now people still speak of it.  The mentality behind the server reminds me of World War II veterans and the bond that has formed around an event.  On frequent occasion in, other games and gaming circles, I’m invariably introduced to new people and players with the mention that they used to play IPY.  For whatever reason despite the years past and slew of games since then, this commonality between gamers is a standing bond.
Prior to this was had the official servers, you might say, “I’m from Great Lakes” or “I’m from Baja.” Now people simply ask, “Did you play IPY?”  In this autobiography I wrote that IPY was the new golden days of Ultima and over time I have yet to see anything contest that sentiment.  When I initially wrote this I was hoping to inspire other players to write their stories. I hoped that one day down the line people can read about IPY and share in the experiences they had on this server.  After the years have passed IPY has ceased to be just a game server but an event in the mind of those that played.
What you are about to read I wrote many years ago with the idea that someone who had no experience with Ultima Online or IPY would be able to pick up and read without issue.  I don’t know if I completely realized that vision but even if you had a month of game time you will still understand the plot of this story.  It tells my complete experience of IPY, from watching the official Ultima Online die, my return as a newbie, firmly establishing my roots in the world, sinking my claws into the alchemy trade, cutting the throats of those who stood in my way, organizing an evil empire, and evolving into a dominating force ransacking, stealing, and taking every bit of wealth I could.
Eventually I showed my separation from my game world character. Leading community events, using my wealth and community influence to help the server and foster a fun environment, and then finally I completed my redemption by giving it all up and dedicating my time to helping players through staffing.  When I first released this I was concerned that it might come off pompous, arrogant, or conceited which almost stopped me from doing it.  However now that I read it many years later I’m very glad that I did.
My initial goal of inspiring others to document their experience didn’t exactly come to fruition so this is one of the very few documents that I can dig up with detailed information on what playing IPY was like.  Our own little time capsule.  I’ve included in this “remastered” edition additional bonus materials including a housing and territory server map, one horrible story I had written back in my official server days from the Joy of Villiany / website, and some business guides that I had written during my IPY days.  I hope this story finds everyone who is interested and maybe more will surface.  Thanks for reading!



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