In Por Ylem

Sorry IPY2, Almost Doesn't Cut It.

Back during IPY1 I remember I used to run to my computer at any free moment to check on my macros, check the forums for posts, or if time permitted log some time playing with friends or guildmates.  I would think about the game whenever there was a lull in the day, constantly dreaming of what I wanted to do next.  There was so much going on I wanted to take part of or accomplish in my time there and it seemed like I could never get all that I wanted done.  The game was my oyster and it yielded pearl after pearl.  There was such a buzz of excitement about it and everyone was passionate about making the shard work and behave like a community.  This morning when I woke up and rolled out of bed, saw the infamous "Connection Lost" window on my screen and thought to myself:

I.  Don't.  Care.

This sentiment has been brewing for some time now.  I jumped on during launch day knowing full well my time was limited.  I have a lot of real life responsibilities and I enjoy them.  It's not numbers on a skill scroll the really entice me to do things nowadays, its good friends, money in the bank, and furthering my career.  When I play games its only for a few hours and I want to be entertained.  Enamored with the game from the start, even if I have to begin at the bottom of some ladder.   So what exactly caused this loss of love for IPY2?  Its definitely a multifaceted answer.

Talking with the Moonsquad

For those of you that are active in following IPY2's political and power struggle between the guilds you'll be pretty familiar with the Moonsquad.  The massive goon based guild took Moonglow by storm from day one on launch bringing their devil may care attitude towards the disposition of the rest of the server.  Their initial wealth gained the ire of many players of IPY and has since spawned a notable outcry of conspiracy theories and spite for a large number of the player base.  Netting such attention isn't easy so I took a few moments to sit down with the leaders of Moonsquad to find out what their plans are, what makes them tick, and how they plan on keeping it all together.

Running for King of Vesper

You know, leave it to me to choose a city that everyone under the sun seems to want.   I put in my unofficial bid for King yesterday on the IPY forums.  I say "unofficial" because at the moment there isn't an in game mechanic that allows you to officially submit your name so basically at the moment there is only one thing to do, start a forum thread.  I spent a good deal of time yesterday speaking with people and doing some political pandering while attempting to figure out as much as I can with the King system in general.

I had actually planned on staying my hand on announcing my candidacy however it was forced by the emergence of other candidates.  I didn't want to be left in the dust so I plopped down my thread shortly after what I'm considering my biggest, or at least most vocal, opponent.  My first thought on the whole thing is how cool the process is.  I had never imagined playing UO and actually running for political control over a city.  In the past I have said that UO is a very political game but the king system really added process to the madness.

Something About UO and Beating the Game

Ultima Online seems to be nothing short of a drug for a lot of people.  Even after 14 years of this game it still manages to capture the attention of a decent chunk of people.  Granted with the population of gamers nowadays it's safe to say Ultima Online could be categorized as a "cult classic" of the video game world.  What is it about Ultima Online, specifically In Por Ylem 2, that continues to  capture the interest of its players and what has IPY2 done to make that addiction much worse?

Multifaceted social conflict.  That's essentially why we all log in and play.  It's what drives us to chop wood, race for house placement, or attack another player.  The reason it is so much fun and engaging on IPY2 is because the social conflict within the server encompasses three key types of conflicts between people.  Martial, economic, and political.  Some of you who have followed my writings before have probably heard me explain this in brief but the breakdown is martial, actual combat between players; political, players competing for positions of power within the community; and finally economic, the pursuit of wealth.

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