Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - 9 Reasons Why the Multiplayer Sucks

black ops 2

The past several iterations of Call of Duty I’ve enjoyed the single player game immensely. I’ve played every one of them start to finish but I never engaged in the multiplayer at all. I never thought it looked all that appealing. Truthfully this time around didn’t feel all that much different but a few friends expressed interest in jumping in game, I had the money to drop on it, and I thought to myself, “It’s popular for a reason, right?” Dropped a hard earned $60 on the game and fired it up.

It pretty much fired right back. After a handful of initial newbie laughs and confusion I quickly became very frustrated with the game. Frustration turned to regret as I began taking a mental inventory of all the nice things I could've bought instead. After a suitable handful of hours in the multiplayer I have decided the following: I hate this game. Here’s 9 reasons why.

Hit Detection

The programmers really phoned it in on this bit of functionality. Picture a soldier in game. Draw a box around him. That’s the hit area. You’ll see blood splatter appear out of thin air when you shoot a foot and a half over their shoulder. Headshot! What? Really? Watching your own kill cam is like a gag reel for an action flick. You’d be running along and take a shot to the side of your backpack and die. Evidently that’s where your organs are now. I bet the military regrets giving you that medical waiver for your colostomy bag now.

Connection Issues

Being allowed to choose where your server is regionally located before you connect and play has been a staple feature of internet games for well over a decade. How the hell this isn’t part of CoD, one of the worlds largest and most popular franchises, is beyond reason. The end result of rolling the “connect to server” dice is a bevy of disadvantages that occur randomly and without your ability to prevent. I also hope you don’t try to play with friends outside of your immediate area either. The only thing you’ll be shooting is yourself with the gun you keep in your desk drawer.

Black Ops 2 Crazy Spawns

Crazy Spawning

Sometimes you spawn on a specific side. Sometimes you spawn near an objective. Sometimes you spawn right next to a bad guy that also just spawned. This crazy spawning causes the following game play: you spawn, you find a guy in 2 seconds and kill him, you run 5 meters to secure the area in front of you, you get shot in the back by the guy that just spawned in the area you just swept, and repeat. People come from every direction at any time thanks to this thoughtless mechanic.

Scorestreak Reverse Handicap

Scorestreaks are hard not to love using. Its fun being on the giving end of a death machine. If you do real well with your death machine, that will count towards getting another death machine. Things get easier the better you do and the harder the worse you do. While it sounds good on paper its really an absolutely terrible system. Naturally you want to say rewarding players for doing well with neat toys is the way to go but it drastically skews the scale of the game. Its a lot like giving charity to rich people because they’re good at being rich. You end up giving advantages to the people who need it the least. Close games in Black Ops 2 are near impossible with this in play.

Zero Teamplay

All you do when you play one of the modes that involves teams is reduce the number of people who are going to shoot you in the back. They won’t do anything to help you beside not directly kill you. Oh they will kill you though. They will push you out of cover, give away your position, and bat down a grenade you just threw so you blow your own damn self up. I can’t think of one good thing a teammate in CoD has ever done for me. Some of you might say they’re out there capping flags and playing objectives. Every game I’ve ever been in, I was the one who always played the most objectives. Must be that BF3 blood in my veins.


Objectives are Completely Exposed

Capping a flag in CoD involves you running out into an open area and pressing your face right against the flag pole. You do anything short of smash your face into it, it won’t work. You see that concrete barrier 1 meter to your left? Yeah if you go there the objective will reset. Go ahead and just dry hump that thing and pray to god the enemy team is ignoring both those audio and visual queues to come kill your exposed ass.

Hail Mary Grenades

When you spawn, look up, and chuck whatever grenades you’ve got in your inventory into high trafficked areas. Good game or bad game a sizable chunk of my points come from this. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off. Most of the time I get an assist at least. Other times I’ve gotten anything from a single to a triple kill. This is about as low skill as it comes but in my experience it plays out equal dividends to trying anything that takes tactics, practice, or patience.

call of duty black ops 2

Poor Interface & Controls

You’d think with all the money pouring into the coffers of these publishers they were of allotted some of that development cash to creating an interface for both PC and console. Navigating the menus is a chore and sometimes my mouse vanishes or clicking on things has wonky results. The default key setup for the in game stuff needs to be completely rebound to different keys to make the remote bit of sense. Oh and they made it real convenient for you in the sense that program settings are not passed between zombies, multiplayer, and single player. You have to set everything up three times.

Rage Inducing

All of the aforementioned issues remove your ability to influence your success. Whether you do great or poor it’s largely attributed to blind, stupid, and random luck. The harder you try to do well the more frustrated you’ll get and most people fail to understand this frustration stems from the fact that the majority of your deaths will be cheap. You can practice aiming, learn the levels, earn the scorestreaks, and train to your little hearts content but when I log on and drunkenly dolphin dive shooting my laser sited SMG and head shot you in the foot from across the map you’re going to rage.

I regret buying this game.


0 #3 Jacob 2013-10-09 13:33
Dont forget the support of wall hacks, i meen target finders. and how they seem to be supporting little kids and noobs this time around.I keep playing in matched where a guy will use a semi auto sniper then change weapons to a lmg with target finder and a rpg and c4. like wtf? do you have not one noob class you use? im sick of dealing with the unbalancing noob hand holding game that is call of duty black ops 2.
0 #2 DF 2013-08-24 05:10
And if you made the mistake, like I did, of purchasing premium DLC - it gets even worse. You can ONLY play the latest DLC pack. Previous DLC packs are worthless, unless you enjoy playing with bots.
My most recent purchase of COD will absolutely be my last. Bring on BF4 and Titanfall.
0 #1 iknowright 2013-07-09 16:34
i hate cod multiplayer, it is so unforgiving to newbies
i posted on a YouTube video in the comments (before reading this) that i cant stand how the people kicking ass get rewarded...
sounds fun, the guy killing everyone without dying gets rewarded.
i do enjoy zombies but i prefer a zombie game that requires teamwork and cant be played solo without major difficulty
Like l4d. single player is very fun though even though all my friends say multiplayer is fun and the campaign sucks terribly

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