CCNGTA Revisited - 10 Things I'd do Differently

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Like the old saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20" and CCNGTA is really no different. CCNGTA was a great time for a lot of reasons but it wasn't without its host of problems. From technical limitations, time restrictions, to community infighting we had our issues. As the years go by, yes it's been years, I often revisit the whole situation in my mind with renewed knowledge gained through the pains of experience and I can't help but come up with different ways things could of been done. 

I occasionally butt my war weary head into the San Andreas Multiplayer world to check out other servers and just generally inquire about the state of the whole thing. Truthfully I'm colossally disappointed that game servers haven't' progressed very much in these many years. Most seem to fall victim to issues that are easily avoided as they ignore the warnings chiseled on the tombstones of dead servers. Whether you're a server owner, SAMP diehard, or a nostalgic former CCNGTA player this is what I would change...


Getting Violent On the Streets of GTA - Bonus Materials

This is a legacy article from a former website I wrote for.  

On a whim looking for some fun network games to play I pulled out my old GTA 2 CD. GTA 2 was designed entirely with single player in mind and you can tell by the many problems had a real rough time running over a network multiplayer. Even on the systems of today the game lags horribly. Some friends and I played a few rounds and I thought it was the end of it, until after some digging we had discovered Vice City had a multiplayer mod and servers up. The servers out could handle 200 different players at a time but yielded maybe 20-30 max.


So you want to kill some people eh? - Bonus Materials

This is a legacy article from a former website I wrote for.  

I’ve gotten a surprising amount of emails regarding my last post. We fielded a lot of numbers and our gang swelled into pretty much an army. The server we played on, this apparently, was against some unspoken rule. The entire crew ended up getting banned because we weren’t allowed to organize ourselves. We were right in the middle of forcing a monopoly on the arms trade when we all lost connection to the server, without warning, with ban messages gracing our screens. As some of you know, we did our best to fight the ban because we were in fact roleplaying. We had even run what we were doing by an admin prior to proceeding, yet we still got hit with the ban hammer.

WTFMan GTA RPG Server is now live - Bonus Materials

This is a legacy article.  

I never really planned on most of this; if you’ve been following my GTA experience at all you would probably know I really stumbled into this whole situation. I went from instigator of GTA2 mayhem, to Vice City resident with Tarzan, to San Andreas gang leader, to banned ass motherfucker, and now I’m a server creator and admin. All of this in the span of about a week or two. Thanks to Ryan we’ve got some kick ass hosting set up on a virtually lag free North American server.



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