How to use military jargon in Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Military Jargon

A ways back I posted something to Reddit regarding miliary jargon in BF3 but its just as applicable as ever in Battlefield 4. I myself am ex-military and I do use military terminology when communicating in game because its habit and I find it easy to quickly spit out what I need to get across to anyone listening in. Military speak is designed to be concise, brief, and direct. Of course what it all boils down to is however you can most effectively communicate, you’ll see some examples in here that may confuse you a bit and that’s perfectly fine. If you keep getting hung up on something then don’t bother saying it! Say what’s easiest for you. Some of this may seem obvious but for the sake of covering everything I’ll put it in regardless.

12 Beginner Tips on Playing Commander - Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode

I never really got into commander mode in any of the other variations of Battlefield surprisingly but I'm changing my tune for BF4. Now that voice communication is possible and more adopted by the players I'm a lot more into it. I haven't been playing long since the game just came out but I've logged quite a bit of time in the commander chair. Lot of this is going to cover the basics and be less about the exact mechanics of the role but more along the lines of how to work with your team and be successful. Here are some quick tips that I found got the best results.

Aftermath Drops Soon for BF3 Premium

Aftermath is dropping pretty soon for BF3 premium PC players and I know a lot of the CCN platoon is going to be on board with the new expansion.  After the latest expansion left a lot to be desired and Close Quarters hardly filling our multi-faceted warfare needs we're hoping Aftermath will offer some gameplay redemption.  The maps are looking similiar to the Urban style that the Karkland expansion offered which is fine by me.  Release dates for the various platforms after the jump.

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7 Battlefield 3 Jet Questions Explained

Right off the bat let me just say that while I'm certainly not the best jet pilot around, clocking in at around 4000 kills and 39 service stars, I get a lot of questions from friends and acquiantances who want to get into jet piloting.  People ask which perks are the best ones to use, what speed to turn at or if I use any custom key bindings while in a jet.  In this article I will attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions but keep in mind that some of this is subjective.  I can give you my preferences, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best choices for you.  This will cover the basics. If you're looking for a more in-depth guide, there are a lot of guides on how to pull off scissor rolls, a very complicated but useful aerial combat maneuver, or how to get someone off your six on YouTube for instance.

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