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Still Alive

Growing up I always wanted a website.  This was back when web hosting and domains were nowhere near affordable for anyone without a full time job.  You couldn't just prop up a site overnight with $30 bucks and an hour of your time.  Wasn't quite like that.  When I actually was able to get a site up and rolling it of course had its ups and downs.  I wrote.  I built.  I designed.  Then I'd tear it down and start again.  Over the years there would be lulls in interest but I'd keep going.

CCN's coming up on its eleventh birthday in July.  This website is over a decade old!  Granted looking around here for the past few years it probably seems more like a museum than anything, but it's still here.  Truthfully, it still feels like home.  Life has taken me away from spending time here on the website and when I do have some down time on the computer I spend it playing various games with a close group of online friends.  Some new, and some I've met right here over the years. 

Life has been busy, but good.  I find myself in a good situation with a nice job, good friends, financial freedom, travel, and a fast pace towards my goals.  My outlook is very positive and things are only getting better.  I discovered that my work here on CCN has built up some great experience that translated well into the real world.  Writing, community management, project management, and especially dealing with people.  I would be lying if I said I don't miss the day's when this website was alive with community members. 

Do I ever see that level of activity coming back?  I hope so one day.  Like anything worth doing it will require attention and hard work. Unfortunately those hours aren't on the table for me anymore.  Instead I've chosen to focus on improving my life in other ways.  That doesn't mean I have any plans to shutter the doors here anymore.  I mulled that idea over before.  Whether it be selling the site or simply pulling the plug, I've been unable to let it go. 

For now this museum will continue to stand and entertain its former members.  Thanks for stopping in.  As for me, things are going very well, better than they have ever been before.  Don't be a stranger...


+1 #4 Hahahahaha 2016-12-30 10:48

People still call me Tony Ferullo.
+1 #3 TravisNash 2015-08-16 15:24
I stop by every now and then to read and think back on the good ole' days. I enjoy coming back to read about when I used to be a full time gamer, lol.

Thanks for keeping the website up!

I was Joey Hampton/Hamilto n back in the day of GTA.
0 #2 Citizen Alpha 2014-11-17 08:10
Quoting the real tarzan:
no one cares any more Dave you self serving douche bag

I'm so happy after so many years you're still thinking about me and my website! :D

Hope all is well Scott, stop by anytime.
+1 #1 the real tarzan 2014-11-09 20:41
no one cares any more Dave you self serving douche bag

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